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The YouTube world is once again consumed with "Dramageddon" as make-up mogul Jeffree Star apologizes to James Charles.

This month’s round features reviews of books on Jacques Tati, Kelly Reichardt, Terrence Malick, Jordan Peele, and many more.

Jeffree Star has issued a long-awaited response to the ongoing controversy known as Dramageddon 3, in which beauty YouTuber.

What’s this? Has Jeffree Star finally ascended from the underworld to address Karmageddon? It looks like it! In a new video.

Ryland Adams broke his and Shane Dawson’s social media silence for the first time since their initial reaction to beauty guru.

New Delhi, Jul 29 (UNI) The National Investigation Agency (NIA) on Wednesday said that it has arrested three people, including a woman, in connection with the murder of a Chhattisgarh BJP MLA in an.

PewDiePie Pioneers A Different Kind Of Apology Video – After a tumultuous month of YouTuber drama, the platform has been saturated with insincere apology videos; Tati Westbrook’s.

Jeffree Star is once again speaking out after receiving backlash for problematic behavior, as well as his role in beauty.

Jeffree paid USD$3.62mill for it four years ago, so not only is he not making a profit, but he’s also losing money too. And that doesn’t even factor in all the renovations and OTT extras he added.

The controversial beauty YouTuber released a video to apologise to James Charles and (sort of) address the claims against him.

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Now finally, after over six years of backlash after backlash, two Dramageddons, and the creation of the drama channel genre,

In a world dominated by the latest releases, the hottest products, and fleeting popularity, the beauty industry has at least.

Jeffree started talking a lot more crap about James Charles than usual. It seemed that doing so had become his biggest.

The Internet personality has received quite a few critical comments over the years, which he has gone on to address.

With the Uncharted movie finally set to begin filming soon, lead actor Tom Holland–who plays Nathan Drake–has shared a video that appears to show a glimpse behind the scenes of the Sony action movie.

Jeffree Star apologized to James Charles, defended Shane Dawson, and spoke about the Black Lives Matter movement in a new.

James Charles has apologised for attending a massive birthday party for Larri ‘Larray’ Merritt last week, which saw an estimated 67 top influencers crammed together, most of them not wearing masks.

Disgraced beauty mogul Jeffree Star resurfaced on YouTube after weeks of silence following that Tati Westbrook shitstorm.

There have been so many changes in the last several months, life as we’ve known it is completely different. These changes.